Bitdepositary the new ETH?



What is Bitdepositary?

Bitdepositary consists of the Bitdepositary Network and has it’s own decentralised financial marketplace, which is focused on the execution of security-related investments and banking transactions.

What has already been launched?

  • BDT Project Investment App (iOS & Android) — right now in Maintenance to integrate the new Network
  • BDT Blockchain with Proof of Authority (PoA) 104 milion total Supply — Circulation Supply = around 80 million
  • BDT Desktop Wallets (Mac, Windows and Linux)
  • BDT Chrome Extension (Useable for BDT Coin, BDT Tokens, ETH and ETH Tokens (ERC20) )
  • The first Project called Moonberg is already launched on the BDT Chain and more coming soon
  • The Crypto Bridge: Exchange from BDT Native Coin into BDT20 token and backwards (Explainer Video )

What will come in the future?

  • BDT DEX (decentralized Exchange): The Beta launch will be on the 31th May 2019
  • Mobile Wallets (iOS & Android) will be launched June 2019
  • Crypto Banking Q4 — Q1 2020 with own Bank Account IBAN for the Users
  • BDT Credit Card Q3 — Q4 2019 with an instant crypto Exchange. It means store crypto, pay in the shop and in the same moment we will deduct you crypto.
  • Own Stable Coin based on the BDT Chain Q3 2019
  • Bitdepositary centralized Exchange Q3 — Q4 2019
  • Buy real estate in Dubai with the BDT Coin Q3 — Q4 2019


Why could BDT be the new ETH?

  • Setup your DApp or your Smart Contract on the BDT Chain
  • Very fast, Block confirmation all 15 Seconds one Block
  • Qualified Projects will be listed in the BDT Investment App after a verification Process from the BDT Team and the BDT Community
  • With our Crypto Bridge we get the possibility to use the already existing Ethereum Ecosystem (Exchanges Centralised and DEX) to gain the Brand Bitdepositary much faster but we use our own Blockchain and attract new Projects for our Bitdepositary Chain and new BDT Holders

Why did ETH drop so hard?

The most ICO’s included a lot of SCAM projects used ERC20 as Token and the Problem is and was the Projects are not verified. BDT change this Situation and if you like to setup a project on the BDT Chain, yes you can do this also without a verification but why should any person Invest into your Project if you are afraid of an Verification?

The Process from a new Project on the BDT Chain if the Project like to get a Verification:

This Voting Process decide if a project will be Verified or not!

The BDT Chain Project flow will be the following in the Future to protect the BDT Ecosystem and the Investors / the BDT Coin holders.

1. Project creates a smart Contract on the BDT Chain

2. Project like to be a Verified Project

3. Project will be listed in our BDT App

4. BDT and the Specialist Start the Voting

5. BDT Community start the Voting

6. All Users they made the right Voting decision get BDT Coin rewards from the project

7. User can invest into verified Projects on the BDT Chain with BDT (min. 55% from the Votings are Positive otherwise it will be rejected)

Where to buy / Listings BDT Coin / Token

  • P2PB2B = BDT Coin
  • Coinexchange = BDT20
  • Bancor = BDT20
  • BDTDex = BDT Coin (31th May)
  • IDEX = requested
  • Yobit = requested
  • Hotbit = in progress

More Exchanges coming soon!

All Mooncoin and BDT Token Holders need in the future BDT Coins as Gas to transfer Coins and Tokens!



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