BDT Token Bridge



The growth for blockchain technology is dependent on the ability of standalone networks to be able to communicate and interact with one another. Interoperability allows for fast and secure communication to occur amongst various blockchains resulting in an open and efficient ecosystem. BDT POA Network is dedicated to the future of interoperability.

Native To ERC20 (BDT20)

The BDT POA cross-chain bridge serves as a method of transferring BDT POA native coins from the BDT POA Network to the Ethereum network in a quick and cost-efficient manner. The BDT POA Coin to Ethereum transfer will result in the creation of a newly minted token on the Ethereum blockchain known as BDT20. The BDT20 token displays the exact same properties as the standard ERC20 token and allows it to be used in all the same places that offer ERC20 compatibility. Think of it as the official BDT token on the Ethereum network.

Introducing BDT20

BDT20 Tokens were minted to prove cross chain bridges can work in a safe and secure manner allowing 2 standalone blockchains to interact with each other.



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